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About Us

China Biological Laboratory Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the most known, popular and best companies that export and produce chemical raw materials. We are a Chinese company that specializes in research chemicals, intermediates, hormones and other chemicals. CHINA-BIOLAB.COM owns three production units and three manufacturing lines. The total area of these workshops is about twenty thousand m2, and the research and development center area is 3,500 m2. The amount of people that work for our company is 112, and more than a half of these people work at the workshops and in the research and development center.

The philosophy of our company consists of:

  • New technologies;
  • Cooperation with universities of chemical technology;
  • Cooperation with different research laboratories, such as with the French ones;
  • Continuously developing of a new, better and improved products in order to satisfy our customers.

Moreover, our company provides high quality products and our employees are skilled professionals. That is the reason why we have the certificate ISO-9001 – when a company is certified with ISO-9001 it’s proven to be very good in its sphere. The companies with this certificate are focused on clients, produce high quality goods or services, have a strong management and a lot of other advantages, and China Biological Laboratory Technology Co.,Ltd meets all the requirements for getting this certificate – consequently, our service is the best, our work is the best and our products are high-rated.

We export our goods to the United States, to the Russian Federation, European Union, Africa, Asia, Middle East and to almost every country of the world.

Let’s work together to approach the future! We would gladly work with you and give a consideration to all your comments on our work. We believe that our cooperation may be beneficial and effective both for our company and for you.

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So, try now and make sure our service is one of the best services that provide chemicals by right – we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our products! Again, if you have any questions about our products, about how we deliver them or any others – contact us and we will be glad to help you. © 2016-2022