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Buy 5F-AB-FUPPYCA (AZ-037) for sale online

Product Code: 5F-AB-FUPPYCA (AZ-037)
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WARNING! This product is not intended for human use.


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5F-AB-FUPPYCA (substitute name AZ-037) is a synthetic cannabinoid intended for scientific purposes. It is a rather new chemical, which hasn`t been properly studied yet. 5F-AB-FUPPYCA was first found by European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction in 2015 in France. The substance itself looks like white crystalline powder. 5F-AB-FUPPYCA (AZ-037) is based on organic compound pyrasole; this synthetic cannabinoid is believed to be a strong agonist of the CB1 receptor. The molecular weight of this substance is 392.45 g\mol.

You can buy 5F-AB-FUPPYCA (AZ-037) online on our website There were several different researches of this chemical conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency`s EPISuite, ChemAxon and ACD\ Labs. During the studies, some basic chemical properties of 5F-AB-FUPPYCA were identified: the melting point is 220.54; the boiling point of the substance is 483.83; atom count of 46; bond count of 49.

5F-AB-FUPPYCA (AZ-037) for sale is available on our website. The compound is considered a designer drug and is not designed for animal or human intake. Neither physiological nor toxicological properties of 5F-AB-FUPPYCA (AZ-037) are known. One can buy 5F-AB-FUPPYCA (AZ-037) only for research aim in governable laboratories for forensic or scientific study.

Buying 5F-AB-FUPPYCA (AZ-037) online using our website, you are guaranteed to get a high quality product within the shortest term and at one of the best price on the market. We stick to all the laws regulating online designer drugs sales, so you may be sure, that your purchase is 100% legal. The substance is shipped in opaque package.

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