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Buy 5F-SDB-005 for sale online

Product Code: 5F-SDB-005
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WARNING! This product is not intended for human use.


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A synthetic cannabinoid SDB-005 has a new research analog – 5F-SDB-005 online which works activating the central CB1 receptor over the CB2, which is on the periphery. The full formal appellation of this agent sounds like 1-Naphthyl 1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxylate and its chemical formula looks like C23H21FN2O2. Most properties of the substance remain unclear, yet today it is clear that the appearance of fluorine in the alkyl chain’s terminal carbon is able to increase closeness for CB1,2 greatly.

So, 5-fluoro-SDB-005 is an artificial compound with the structure that is like the structure of THJ-2201. The only disparity between the two substances is that the aryl naphthoyl group is replaced by a naphthoyl ester at the indazole third position. When being studied in the laboratory environment, 5F-SDB-005 for sale seems to possess an aromatic ester if it is stored at a room temperature or dissolved in in alcohol solvents. The usual substances that are used to dissolve the chemical after you buy 5F-SDB-005 are aprotic ones (acetonitrile is the commonest one).

When users buy 5F-SDB-005 online, they choose an experimental substance which means that its properties, basic qualities and influences haven’t been studied in full. Much is known about its short-term effects, yet scientists lack information on its long-term influences. The substance hasn’t been approved for medical use, human or animal consumption. It can be bought for research purposes only.

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