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Buy AKB-57 for sale online

Product Code: AKB-57
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WARNING! This product is not intended for human use.


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An experimental agent AKB-57 online is the drug that belongs to the class of cannabinoids and has much in common with another popular substance called AKB-48. Being a highly potent substance, it is able to produce most physical and psychological effects that are ensured by various cannabinoids of the class. The drug is taken orally, though most other class representatives are vaporized and smoked. The substance dissolves in special lipids and ethanol.

Knowing about multiple adverse reactions and health complications that are associated with the compound, users still choose to buy AKB-57 for personal use. We want to warn you against buying the agent for personal administration: this is a new experimental chemical with the properties and influences that haven’t been studied in full. It means that the compound isn’t approved for human or animal administration and can lead to severe complications, hospitalization and even death.

The adverse reactions that it usually causes look like those that appear after most cannabinoids. Along with anxiety, emotional enhancement and mild euphoria users are to wait for paranoia on the one hand and motor control loss on the other. Any negative body reactions can be both cognitive and physiological. They never occur all at once. But their greater part is experienced when there’s a strong dose administered. AKB-57 for sale can enhance one’s appetite, yet make a user think that he lost much weight. It leads to dehydration and dream suppression.

The most severe reaction and a part of an after-effect is psychosis. It occurs not in all, who buy AKB-57 online, yet in most of them. This cannabinoid works increasing user’s disposition to psychosis. This happens in vulnerable people that have several risk factors for cognitive diseases development.

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