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Buy 2-NMC (crystal) for sale online

Product Code: 2-NMC (crystal)
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WARNING! This product is not intended for human use.


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An experimental chemical 2-NMC crystal online is another psycho stimulant with the structure and action method similar to those of 4-MEC and 4-MMC. The purity level of the material equals 99.2% and may go above. The fact that it is 4-MEC replacement makes it work as a norepinephrine-dopamine re-uptake inhibitor. As long as it’s an experimental agent, there’s not much known about its features and properties, which means you can buy 2-NMC crystal for scientific application only.

Material’s chemical formula sounds like C12H17NO. Its full name is N-Methyl-N-p-tolyl-isobutyramide. Being listed as the substance of cathinone class, the compound has much in common with methcathinone or ephedrine. It will act very closely to most amphetamines, encouraging dopamine production and release, inhibiting norepinephrine or serotonin re-uptake in the nervous system and user’s brain.

2-NMC crystal for sale is also viewed as a hydrophobic molecule, which means the agent crosses some of other membranes and interacts with most monoamine transporters.

It was already mentioned that it is a research or experimental chemical substance, thus you can buy 2-NMC crystal online for topical study, laboratory trials or scientific researches that are controlled by specialists. The drug isn’t approved for human or animal consumption.

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