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Buy 2-PTC (crystal, powder) for sale online

Product Code: 2-PTC (crystal, powder)
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WARNING! This product is not intended for human use.


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The known designer compound 2-PTC online has a few popular names that users run into:

  • 2-p-Tolyl-cyclopropylamine;
  • R-MDMA;
  • 2-p-Tolyl-cyclopropylamine.

Its full chemical appellation is 2-(4-methylphenyl)-hydrochloride. Most users choose this substance because of the produced effects. In many consumers they are identical to those that are evoked by the consumption of ecstasy doses:

  • much energy;
  • mild euphoria;
  • excitement;
  • great pleasure.

As the drug starts acting within several minutes after the intake, the mentioned results are experienced practically at once. When you buy 2-PTC online, you need to get ready to face some negative body reactions too. They never occur all at once. Some are mild, others are severe. The type you’ll have hinges on the dosage and tolerance. Mild ones are hardly noticeable as they are normally suppressed by stronger positive reactions like increased energy and mild euphoria. Still, get ready to have:

  • fast hear rate;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • high body temperature;
  • jaw muscle tightening;
  • headaches or migraines as aftereffects;
  • depression.

To consume the substance, dissolve small but hard crystals in water as they cannot pass through the sensitive nasal cavity without hurting it. Choose either cold or warm water. Be cautious, when choosing the correct dose: cases of overdose aren’t rare. They are normally results of wrong doses or 2-PTC for sale joining with other similar compounds.

When you buy 2-PTC, avoid complications by using the designer agent only according to approved purposes. Misuse can lead to a fatal outcome.

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