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Buy 4-CPRC (powder, crystal) for sale online

Product Code: 4-CPRC (powder, crystal)
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WARNING! This product is not intended for human use.


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4-CPRC (powder, crystal) is a recently received analytical substance, which has a psychostimulatory action. Being a completely new research drug, it has some common features with Methcathinone besides, it looks like crystals or powder of white color. The official name of this chemical is 1-(4-Chloro-phenyl)-2-pyrrolidin-1-yl-pentan-1-one. Its chemical formula of 4-CPRC is C15H20ClND and its purity exceeds 99%. You can find 4-CPRC (powder, crystal) for sale on the internet.

You can use our online service to buy 4-CPRC (powder, crystal) for research and forensic aims. As there is little scientific information concerning 4-CPRC, it is not advisable to use it either for people or for animals. 4-CPRC is a halogen-substitute of –Pyrrolidinopropiophenone. It structurally corresponds diethylpropion that suppresses the appetite. The researches held on animals show that 4-CPRC possesses the same properties. Besides, 4-CPRC can be used as a stimulant due to its dopamine releasing effect. However, the chemical cannot be used in humans or veterinary practice because no other physiological or toxicological characteristics of this substance are known.

You can buy 4-CPRC (powder, crystal) online on our website on the best terms. We set the lowest prices to make our products affordable for the customers. This substance is not scheduled by the US government or any other country. Still every person buying 4-CPRC (powder, crystal) online should be aware that this chemical must be used for scientific and forensic application only. Anyway, we are ready to sell you 4-CPRC in the form of powder or crystal anytime you need it. We offer our clients high quality products and the fastest delivery service.

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