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WARNING! This product is not intended for human use.


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There is a potent synthetic chemical that belongs to two drug classes (pyrovalerone and cathinone) and is offered in the form of large crystals or powder. It is known for exclusive physical and psychological effects and several synonyms that are used to refer to it. The compound is called A-PVP for sale. You may have heard users to call it flakka or Alpha-PVP and α-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone. The body reactions that it usually evokes are similar to the reactions guaranteed by the use of cocaine and amphetamine.

The structure of A-PVP online is similar to that of amphetamine. However, there is a substituent phenethylamine core that is characterized by a phenyl ring which is bound to NH2 group via an ethyl chain. The majority of substance’s features and a full picture of its action mechanism remain unknown. The history of drug administration is comparatively short, which means that researches and studies are still in the process.

Stimulation is reported to be the core effect after you buy A-PVP online and take it regularly. The agent is very energetic and extremely stimulating. It encourages various activities. The higher doses are, the harder it may be to stand still. Involuntary bodily shakes, jaw clenching are the usual after effects. There are reported cases of an extreme hands steadiness or their vibration.

Euphoria is the main cognitive effect. Its level is similar to that of amphetamine and it is accompanied with the feelings of happiness, satisfaction and joy that occur as the result of dopamine and serotonin production and release.

When users buy A-PVP, they are to avoid drug’s combination with alcohol and other stimulants. This recommendation allows eliminating risks of seizures, increased blood pressure, thought loops and vasoconstriction.

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