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Buy Ethyl-Hexdrone for sale online

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WARNING! This product is not intended for human use.


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The full chemical name of Ethyl-Hexdrone for sale is 2-Ethylhexylamine and it is a very potent stimulant agent offered in the form of crystals. The purity level of the agent is 99.5% and higher. The compound has appeared on the market of designer drugs not long ago. Only a few years have passed and this cathinone group derivative has managed to win popularity among users from around the globe.

Ethyl-Hexdrone online is regarded as a quality replacement agent for Ethylone and Methylone. Its anabolic nature is characterized by low levels of androgenous potency, which means that the compound is able to create the absence of water retention. 2-Ethylhexylamine is also viewed as a non-methylated type, yet this characteristic features doesn’t make it less resistant to metabolism CYP-mediated perspectives, which is possible due to the Chloro category.

The guaranteed results and those provided by coke look very much alike. Even the most profound users report they find it hard to differentiate the two agents. Yet still it is proven that the effects after you buy Ethyl-Hexdrone online mostly depend on the dosage. A recommended amount for a regular intake is within the frames of 75 and 125 mg daily. It is said that 75 mg doses are mild ones, thus they don’t lead to harsh consequences, whereas 125 mg is a strong dose. Feeling of euphoria is ensured by 80-100 mg doses. Cases of overdose take place when one takes more than 120 mg or combines the substance with opioids.

If you decide to buy Ethyl-Hexdrone, you are to use the chemical substance according to the approved applications. If misused, the drug causes severe complications. Cases of overdose aren’t rare and some of them may lead to death. This is why most scientists suggest using it for researches only.

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