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Buy Mexedrone for sale online

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WARNING! This product is not intended for human use.


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Another cathinone class stimulant that has entered the market not so long ago is Mexedrone online. It’s a stimulant substance that is also known as a designer compound and a mephedrone alpha-methoxy derivative. The agent’s potency equals 2/3 of mephedrone’s strength, while its structure is similar to the structure of amphetamines. The substance also features a phenyl ring that is attached to the NH2 group via an ethyl chain and a methyl substitution.

The recent researches have proven that when users buy Mexedrone, they pick the substance that acts as a re-uptake inhibitor and a releasing agent for such neurotransmitters as:

  • noradrenaline;
  • dopamine;
  • serotonin.

Thus, the chemical is able to influence all neurotransmitters in a way to ensure effects of raised energy, euphoria and stimulation. Nevertheless, the substance is viewed as the one with sedating properties rather than stimulating ones.

It is forbidden to combine Mexedrone for sale with any other stimulants. When combined, the compounds trigger a great increase in the number of neurotransmitters, which leads to a so-called serotonin syndrome risk. Never combine the drug with alcohol to prevent risks of excessive intoxication. A stimulant will decrease a normal sedative effect; the effect of alcohol will be increased and will cause disinhibition. When combined with cocaine, the drug may be the reason of the strain on the heart.

Buy Mexedrone online for intended purposes only as along with euphoria and increased energy you can suffer from dehydration, headaches, cramps, vision or hearing loss, etc. It is better to avoid complications than to deal with numerous after effects that require medical assistance, hospitalization and expensive treatment.

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