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Buy PV-9 (A-POP) for sale online

Product Code: PV-9 (A-POP)
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WARNING! This product is not intended for human use.


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A new quality pyrovalerone analog and A-PVP replacement has appeared on the market not so long ago. It is known as PV-9 online with the pentyl side chain that is elongated by means of three more carbons. An innovative agent hasn’t been fully studied yet, so it is hard to be precise on its toxicological, physiological and biochemical properties.

PV-9 for sale has much in common with most other hallucinogenic stimulants. It is reported to create a condition of excited delirium – the one that is normally characterized by hallucinations, hyper stimulation as well as paranoia in severe cases. In some cases the agent becomes the core cause of deaths in suicides. Overdose cases happen only when the compound is combined with other psycho stimulants. Deaths can be linked with heart failure as a result of PV-9 and Pentedrone joining.

After you buy PV-9 online and take it, please mind the dosage. In different people the drug leads to euphoria and increased energy, motivation/immersion/analysis enhancement, thought acceleration and time distortion. As to the physical effects, they are:

  • increased perspiration;
  • increased heart rate;
  • appetite and visual activity suppression;
  • teeth grinding.

The compound belongs to the type of moderately addictive agents that are characterized by a rather high potential for abuse. It can lead to psychological rather than physiological dependence in most users. If it happened so that addiction has developed, a withdrawal effect along with severe craving starts occurring whenever one decides to quit and doesn’t buy PV-9.

Anxiety and irritability may appear as after-effects. To avoid severe complications, buy the chemical for approved purposes only.

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