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Buy Thirtylone for sale online

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WARNING! This product is not intended for human use.


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Thirtylone online is viewed as a very rare agent that is usually bought for a pretty wide variety of purposes by users from around the globe. The compound is offered in the form of big crystals that are taken as potent psychedelic stimulants. When compared to other hallucinogenic agents like Methylone and Ethylone, Thirtylone is less potent than the mentioned two. Yet still it is commonly regarded as their designer replacement version.

Today you can buy Thirtylone online under other names: MDEC, BK-Methylenedioxyethlamphetamine, bk-MDEA, etc. But still its structure and the full chemical name remain the same - 3, 4-methylenedioxy-N-ethylcathinone. As well as the powder form, crystals are very pure – 99.6%. The agent is normally taken orally. When possible, it is insufflated. In case with big crystals the latter option isn’t recommended as crystals always damage the cavity.

When users buy Thirtylone, their usual doses start with 100 mg and then go up to 200 mg. A recommended choice for a beginner is 120 mg. This initial choice will allow avoiding such health complications like nausea and vomiting. Another way to avoid the mentioned results is to take the compound on an empty stomach.

The provided results and body reactions are reported to be similar to those of cocaine. Thirtylone always acts as a non-selective monoamine re-uptake inhibitor. Yet still, some effects will be a bit different. Some users report that stronger doses are more potent than the equal cocaine doses.

Today you can choose Thirtylone for sale from a reliable supplier and check whether the effect will meet your expectations. Top quality and purity and always guaranteed.

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