Delivery from our partners:
— Hidden shipments from the Netherlands around the world.
— Shipments within the USA, within the country, without customs.
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Delivery and Payments


CHINA-BIOLAB.COM sends products to almost every country of the world. We are knowledgeable about common customs clearance problems and that is why we use different methods of shipment and package of products. Thus, all the packages from China are packed in secret packs – that is how we have 90% of our packages passed through customs control successfully. This statistics is relevant to a big amount of countries of the world.

To get our products delivered we use different postal services such as TNT, Fedex, EMS, DHL and others. But the most sure and safety service is EMS, China Post or USPS, Fedex so we send packages via this company almost always.

It should also be added that we always monitor what happens at the different customhouses, so we change the types of packs and methods of delivery occasionally.


We accept such forms of payments as:

  • Western Union;
  • Bitcoin;
  • MoneyGram;
  • Bank transfers (for large orders).

We are sure that Bitcoin are the best and the safest way to pay for our products and you can get acquainted with the information about buy bitcoin using the services Local Bitcoins and Buy Bitcoin Worldwide.

Moreover, you will be guaranteed a 10% discount if you pay for an order with Bitcoins. © 2016-2022