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Disclaimer or What Do You Need to Read Carefully Before Buying Anything

Read before buying

When you make a purchase on CHINA-BIOLAB.COM, you have to understand risks possible when consuming or distributing the products available at this website. Products which you can buy on CHINA-BIOLAB.COM, shouldn't be used as medications, home chemistry, food adjuncts or in any other inappropriate ways. All of the materials on our website shouldn't also be used for all types of actions that may infringe any patent. All products available for purchasing will be transported by experienced and competent specialists on a regular basis. Customers agree they acquaint themselves with the following and should be entirely conusant of:

  • All existing standards as well as regulations in relation to using and being influenced by the available chemicals.
  • Health, safety risks that can occur when using available chemicals.
  • You must be 18 years old as a minimum to buy the CHINA-BIOLAB.COM products.

In no case should CHINA-BIOLAB.COM be guilty of all kinds of possible damages, both direct and indirect, regardless of what the buyer claims, carelessness, absolute liability or whatever. As consideration for selling an item to the buyer, the client indemnifies the CHINA-BIOLAB.COM against any claims, from all the costs, liabilities (material, financial, property and other), and losses, that can arise from the buyer's use or ownership of the product, no matter is the product used singly or together with other products.

If a buyer doesn't agree with this statement — no sales will be accomplished and all sales will be denied.

Product Usage Information

Every product is designed for laboratories and researches solely and exclusively. All products shouldn't be used for such purposes as:

  • in-vitro experiments;
  • food or drugs;
  • medical products;
  • cosmetics;
  • commercial purposes;

All products mustn't be used for other possible purposes, without limitation the foregoing.

Buyer should accept the fact that the products on CHINA-BIOLAB.COM haven't been tested for the possibility of being used as food, medications, make-up products or whatever, as well as for safety if being used for such purposes.

Buyer should certainly bindingly confirm CHINA-BIOLAB.COM that he will duly test and use any chemicals bought from the website as well as products manufactured with products from CHINA-BIOLAB.COM will be used by a responsible and experienced person as well as that before-mentioned person will fully comply with the existing and forthcoming laws, standards and regulations.

A buyer must guarantee that no product manufactured with any product from CHINA-BIOLAB.COM will be fabricated as defined by the US Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Products which aren't allowed to be traded interstate in line with the sections of this law must not be traded like this.

Every buyer understands that our products should not be included to the TSCA listing (due to the fact CHINA-BIOLAB.COM chemicals are designed for researches only).

All buyers should undertake obligations to ensure products bought from CHINA-BIOLAB.COM are approved by the TSCA, when possible.

The buyer bears responsibility either to verify risks or to undertake a study in order to learn the risks that may occur when using items from CHINA-BIOLAB.COM.

Buyers shall act as stipulated by instructions, provided by CHINA-BIOLAB.COM in relation to the proper usage of all the products available. Buyers also should not allow any misusage in any means.

On no condition must ANY of these items be used for recreation or be consumed by human beings or animals.

It's estimated that every buyer is a legal researcher or a registered researcher.

If you (or your companions) are not the above-listed researchers and we are not conunsant of it, you will be responsible for fraudulence.

CHINA-BIOLAB.COM retains the right to cancel and withdraw orders from any buyers that we have strong reasons to doubt in. In case a buyer doesn't know his lawful rights he holds responsible for checking state and domestic laws before buying anything.

CHINA-BIOLAB.COM shall not be liable for purchaser's infringements of the local, state or federal laws, if any of these happens.

You must be 18 years old as a minimum in order to buy anything from CHINA-BIOLAB.COM, so when making a purchase you have to agree you are of this age.

All clients of CHINA-BIOLAB.COM fully agree to this rules:

  • All of the products from the website must be used in researches only. These products must not be consumed, because such use is unintended use.
  • All of the chemicals available on CHINA-BIOLAB.COM can be threatening and unsafe if use them other than as intended.
  • All products sold on CHINA-BIOLAB.COM should be used solely and exclusively by researchers for studies. Products mustn't be used as medications, drugs, food, as well as be used for recreational activities. It's prohibited to use these chemicals for any activity that is not a research.
  • All buyers that use CHINA-BIOLAB.COM website are agree that CHINA-BIOLAB.COM is free from all legal responsibilities that may result in any injury regarding to purposed and purposeless improper use, as well as unintended usage of the products sold on CHINA-BIOLAB.COM
  • Neither the CHINA-BIOLAB.COM staff nor agents of it can't provide obvious and unobvious information neither about chemicals sold on CHINA-BIOLAB.COM nor about how these chemicals may influence human beings or animals. At no time no conversations, writing or other communications that express interest of getting any information about human/animal consuming of any of products, sold on CHINA-BIOLAB.COM, will be held.
  • The buyers are fully agree that CHINA-BIOLAB.COM is only a supplier of chemicals that should be used for laboratory and agricultural purposes only, and that in no circumstances CHINA-BIOLAB.COM will not give any technical data about any chemical substance sold on this website.
  • Customers are also agree that any breaking of the above-mentioned clauses will be a valid reason to deny all further transactions. We have strict rules about inappropriate use of our products, so all buyers are highly recommended not to stray from our guidelines.
  • Service Denial: Customers should understand that any conversation about inappropriate use of the chemicals sold on CHINA-BIOLAB.COM will lead to the only possible answer — refusal of service.