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WARNING! This product is not intended for human use.


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6-APB for sale is a known chemical agent for research purposes only. It is also referred as 6-(2-aminopropyl) benzofuran – a psychedelic material and a stimulant. Aside from benzo fury as the core stimulant ingredient, it also includes some other compounds and can be positioned as plant food. Being a comparatively new experimental chemical, 6-APB has already managed to win its auditory due to the incredible results that it provides. The agent is not related to benzodiazepines neither in effects nor in structure. Speaking of its structure, it resembles that of amphetamine with the methylenedioxy ring which is changed to the benzofuran one. That is why 6-APB online belongs to the class of phenethylamine.

The substance is usually taken orally. Users define 5 dosage types for different effects to be achieved:

  • threshold dose – 30-50 mg;
  • light dose – 40-60 mg;
  • regular dose – 50-100 mg;
  • strong dose – 50-130 mg;
  • heavy dose – 100 - … mg.

The first effects are experiences within 30 minutes after ingestion. They last up to 3 hours and are stronger than those provided by MDMA. During this period users can experience nausea with possible vomiting. Visual or auditory hallucinations are present as well. Muscular control as well as coordination is present, yet they are identical to the feeling of the influence of some strong drinks.

As to the positive results that are expected after you buy 6-APB, these are:

  • euphoria;
  • mood lift and its shifts;
  • increased tactile or visual stimulation;
  • auditory hallucinations;
  • mild visual hallucinations;
  • music appreciation

The list of negative ones may be completed by panic, increased temperature/heart rate/blood pressure and mydriasis. Users, who buy 6-APB online, speak of a very low addictive potential. Yet cross tolerance occurs when the agent is consumed with similar drugs or MDMA. After any type of combination, users return to a normal condition during days, not hours.

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