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Phenethylamines are the substances that stimulate the functioning of the central nervous system, basing on release of noradrenaline and dopamine. To the category of Penethylamines belong all substituted amphetamines, substituted methylenedioxyphenethylamines and lots of drugs that act like psychedelics, stimulants, anxyolytics, appetite suppressants, entactogenes, and antidepressants; this list can be continued. Among the most widely known Phenethylamines are such recreational drugs as ecstasy and methamphetamine. Scientific studies proved Penethylamines to be potent euphoriants. Phenethylamines are not recommended for human or animal usage. Nevertheless, you may buy legal research chemicals Phenethylamines online.

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One of the most potent chemicals of the 2C family is called 2C-I online and it’s not just another ps..
BK-2C-B is a totally new synthetic psychedelic drug, which belongs to phenethylamine chemical class...
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