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Buy 25B-NBOMe for sale online

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25B-NBOMe substance was discovered in 2004 by one of German scientists, who also described its structure and action method in his PhD dissertation. Since that time 25B-NBOMe online is called to be a phenethylamine psychedelic 2C-B derivative that acts like a potent substance for central receptors. The chemical has four other names that are commonly used in different spheres for its description: Cimbi-36, BOM 2-CM, NBOMe-2C-B or simple Nova. The effect duration that is ensured after you buy 25B-NBOMe and take it lasts from 12 to 16 hours, which makes the agent one of the strongest synthetic chemicals on the modern drug market.

The compound is now widely used in clinical trials and researches only. It is not approved for human or animal consumption as this is only an experimental drug that may lead to severe side effects experienced after its administration. Many questions concerning the agent and its long-lasting results remain unclear, so if you buy 25B-NBOMe online, you buy it for approved purposes only. Today several deaths are associated with an inappropriate use of this compound.

Though long-lasting effects remain unclear today, there are several short-lasting ones that are well-studied as for today. They are both physical and psychological and may occur after various dosages and in different people:

  • stimulation;
  • sublingual numbing;
  • decreased weight perception;
  • pupil dilation;
  • nausea;
  • increased heart rate;
  • increased body temperature;
  • tactile sensations;
  • vasoconstriction;
  • wakefulness;
  • thought connectivity;
  • analysis and novelty enhancement.

All listed effects of 25B-NBOMe for sale are based upon subjective effect index. They are reported personal experiences that have been proven by laboratory researches. They never occur all at once, but even a single one can lead to complications.

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