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Privacy Policy

Privacy notice

CHINA-BIOLAB.COM is interested in privacy protection. This note specifies what we do to secure the personal data when you use both our site or "sites" — that means all applications that have links to this note. The following text also explains what kind of data we get when you contact CHINA-BIOLAB.COM to get some support or to ask questions about chemicals and other products sold on CHINA-BIOLAB.COM, etc. This text also tells about how do we secure your private information, how you can edit this data, why we gather this information and what kind of information do we collect. You consent with data collection when you access CHINA-BIOLAB.COM or give us any personal data. In this note, the term "private data" refers to such information as full name, postal and electronic mail address, telephone etc — any data that can help identify an individual. If other types of information (e.g., shopping preferences) are associated with private information, they become private information, too.

Information collection

Information is gathered from a customer, not from the other sources, although customers can use CHINA-BIOLAB.COM without telling any private information. Sometimes CHINA-BIOLAB.COM can call for this data — to conduct a transaction, for example. What data may we ask you for? Contact information: Name, surname, title, actual address, place of work, electronic mail address, etc.

What other data can be needed? Financial information (this may be needed for transactions), some other private information like your legal nationality and the country where do you reside, login and other technical data related to CHINA-BIOLAB.COM, information about what products you have ordered (this data can help us to offer the best products for you), and, finally, your feedbacks about our services, items we sell and CHINA-BIOLAB.COM in general. You don't have to give this information to us, but there may be problems with the orders, transactions or services you'd like to get, if you don't provide the needed data to us.

We don't collect data manually. The information about what pages of CHINA-BIOLAB.COM you usually surf and other data about what do you do on CHINA-BIOLAB.COM is gathered automatically, and can be integrated with your private information. There is other data from your browsers that we may gather, such as your computer's IP-address, the name of Internet browser you use, what operating system is installed on your computer/smartphone and what timezone is set on the device you use. This data won't be linked or combined with the private data.

Use of data

It's obvious that we sometimes use the data you give to us in order to improve CHINA-BIOLAB.COM itself or products sold here. We use mentioned data to make our website and our products better. By analyzing the info about what pages do you open more often than others we can make the usage of CHINA-BIOLAB.COM easier. As for example, this works when you log in automatically and don't need to enter registration data again and again.

Communications. CHINA-BIOLAB.COM can inform our customer about new products, news of our website, discounts etc. To make it more convenient for you and for everyone to use CHINA-BIOLAB.COM, we can use your private information, too. Everyone can unsubscribe from these e-mails — everything you should do is to write us and tell us about it. What is more, there is a special link in every commercial e-mail. If you click on it, we will stop this kind of advertisement in 10 days.

Services. Your private data is also used for some transactions and services, including among other things registering of the items, answering to the requests, etc. We can combine the data that we gather to see your comments on our products and develop them consequently, and so forth.

On top of all this, we can use your personal data and, actually, all the data we get to guard against fraud, to protect and to react to it appropriately. We also use this info to prevent any infringement of our rules and other illegal use of CHINA-BIOLAB.COM.

Web cookies

Cookies are actually pieces of data that let websites remember information and record the activity of users. They are, actually, useful — they let customers use a shopping basket, they let websites recognize users and they make it non-mandatory for you to enter your password each time you use CHINA-BIOLAB.COM. Cookies help us to know your preferences thus we can make CHINA-BIOLAB.COM better and easier to use. They consist of a small pieces of text data, and they are usually stored on your PC.

There also can be web beacons on CHINA-BIOLAB.COM. They are needed to make sure a customer has access to the content of the website, to score the users who have visited different web pages and they are actually very small electronic images. These web beacons may be included in newsletters by us so that we could know what letters were opened and which were not.

There are four types of cookies that are used by CHINA-BIOLAB.COM:

  • The first type is performance cookies, which are used for collecting data about how do customers use CHINA-BIOLAB.COM. These cookies tracks what web pages of our site are the most popular by customers and what pages do not work as they should work. No private information and no targeting tools here — only anonymous data.
  • Cookies that make advertising more effective, so-called advertising cookies. This type of cookies, as the name implies, is needed for advertisements. You may have seen the ads that are more or less close to your interests — and that's exactly how advertising cookies work.
  • To log in at CHINA-BIOLAB.COM, you only need to type your e-mail and password once — after that these fields will always be filled, so it's very easy to use our website. That's how profile cookies work — they remember your profile info to simplify the use of CHINA-BIOLAB.COM. Profile cookies work with technical data that your browser gives to us. They also check if our advertisements are relevant to you, and, what is more important, they are anonymous, and they send data to CHINA-BIOLAB.COM only, not to other websites.
  • Essential, necessary cookies. They make it possible for you to use the main features of CHINA-BIOLAB.COM and it would've been very difficult to use this website without them. For example, one of them allows customers to use a shopping basket —they remembers what products do you want to buy. These cookies don't collect marketing or other data.

You can either accept or decline all of them, of course. But, as you can see, it would be impossible for you to use the essential features of CHINA-BIOLAB.COM without them. So, it's your choice.

Web analytics

To say in a few words, web analytics track customer's use of the websites, store some data (like IP address) and do other useful things. CHINA-BIOLAB.COM uses instruments by Adobe and Google to see how do people use our website and how can we improve and develop it. Needless to say that this data can be transferred to other parties if it's needed by regulations or laws. Technical data such as your IP address will not be linked to any other information that Adobe or Google have. If it's needed, you can decline using web analytics.

DNT and similar

DNT refers to Do Not Track. This Internet technology indicates that the user requests not to track his activity in the Internet. According to the fact of disagreements and continuing discussions on whether browsers should transmit DNT-signals or not and according to the fact there is no final solution of this problem and no final decision, CHINA-BIOLAB.COM doesn't respond to DNT and other signals and doesn't take any actions related to DNT.

Sharing of private information

CHINA-BIOLAB.COM don't transfer your private data unless you give a permission for us to do this. But there are a few reasons why we may disclose both the data we gathered by ourselves and the data you have provided to us.

  • We can share your data to companies, that provide CHINA-BIOLAB.COM services. These companies are the ones that host CHINA-BIOLAB.COM, process financial transactions, analyze data in order to make our websites and products better, as well as companies that do different surveys etc. If these companies need some kind of personal data, we provide it to them, but they, as well as their staff, can't use this data for personal or unintended use.
  • We can also give your personal data to financial organizations that conduct transactions and deliver our items to buyers. We only give them information (all or elements of it) that is needed for them to do their job.
  • CHINA-BIOLAB.COM can share personal data of its customers to distribution companies. We will not disclose this data unless we ask your permission to do this. These companies also cannot misuse this information.
  • If we decide to reorganize, develop, sell our business or to expand it to other countries for various reasons, we may share your data to our business partners or acquiring companies. Nevertheless, CHINA-BIOLAB.COM protects such information and no unintended use will be allowed.
  • We can also share this kind of data if it's needed by regulations or laws. If we need to protect our own rights, we can also share a personal data of anyone, as well as if it's a threat to safety of any person.

Information security

CHINA-BIOLAB.COM respects your personal data, and that's why data security is important for us. A lot of technologies and methods are used by CHINA-BIOLAB.COM to prevent fraudulence and private data disclosure. This data is actually stored on computers which cannot be used by everyone — the access is strictly limited, so you can be sure no misuse will occur.

Remember, that the responsibility to protect the data needed to log in to CHINA-BIOLAB.COM, (such as your e-mail address and password), rests with you. You shouldn't pass this data to anyone else.

In a few instances you can edit private data that you have given to us by the same page of CHINA-BIOLAB.COM on which you provided that data. On all occasions it's possible for you to change this information by making a special request. It's also possible for you to ask us to stop using this data — you can write or call us through the contacts noted below in this matter.

Before we give a customer the full access to his data we will certainly verify his identity.

Please, tell us about changes to your personal data. For example, if your phone number has changed, contact us and we will edit your account as appropriate.

Permission to international transfer of private data

That personal data we gather on CHINA-BIOLAB.COM can be transferred to the countries in which we do conduct business. Even if the information distribution laws there vary from the ones in the USA, your private data is still protected effectively. Thus, if you give your personal data to us, you by that agree with the possible transfer of it.

Children's data

CHINA-BIOLAB.COM isn't designed for children, because if you want to make orders you must be 18 as a minimum. We do not need information from and about those who haven't reached this age, consequently we do not collect such data.


There can be outside links to other websites on CHINA-BIOLAB.COM. These websites may belong to our partners that distribute our production, to related organizations as well as to administerial agencies. There may also be links to the providers of different services.

We do not hold any responsibility for what you can see and read on these websites, but we try to select the sites we give links to fastidiously.


We tried to explain every detail in this text, although if you still have any questions towards it or towards the questions of the private data — don't hesitate to write or call us. The contact details are noted below. For our part, we will answer all questions and fix any problems as soon as possible.

Variation of this statement

CHINA-BIOLAB.COM reserves the right to update or change this text. But it will not be a problem, because we will change the date of the last update. You can see this date at the beginning and at the end of this text. What's more important, if the changes we will introduce would be major (e.g., they would be related to our policy of collecting and sharing private data), we will tell you about it via e-mail. © 2016-2022